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A  fairytale
waiting  to be lived 

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The Estate



The location of Bella Cisterna in Kampos is the ideal starting point for a walk or cycle trip to explore this amazing area, formed during the Genoese rule in the 14th century. Kampos combines in harmony the unique natural landscape with the distinctive architectural features of the luxurious Genoese mansions of that era, keeping a sense of times gone by. The estate is only 3.0 km away from the sandy beach of Karfas, which is equipped with amenities, 2.5 km from the airport, and 6 km from the lively city centre and port of Chios. The tradional village of Thymiana is at 1.5 km.


The estate dates back to the Genoese rule (1346-1566). Throughout the centuries, the estate changed hands several times and in 1896 was bought by I. Mylonadis (an entrepreneur of byzantine origin) who renovated among other details the emblematic white marble cistern – an elevated walkway of 140m long- that his predecessor had built. He took great care to systematically cultivate the gardens of the estate.


A 19th century masterpiece, unique of its kind, the cistern – an elevated walkway- still remains, a reminder of the grandeur of an aristocratic era.

An amazing aqueduct that stores about 500 tons of water, the cistern is made of massif white marble and crosses the estate from north to south. It measures 140m in length and is 3.00m wide and 2.50m high, offering a very impressive walk above a grove of citrus and fruit trees.

στερνα 2.jpg


The orchard of citrus trees in perfect alignment includes the famous chian tangerine as signature fruit oranges, blood oranges, lemons and bitter oranges full of fragrances. An olive grove in silver shades, a vast variety of fruit trees and perennial and evergreen trees compose a verdant landscape of colourful unique beauty, imparting fresh fragrances and birdsong every season. Fig trees, plum trees, pomegranate trees, almond trees, berry trees, apricot trees, apple trees, a medlar tree, chian terpentine  trees, sweet acacia trees, pepper trees, weeping willows among other trees offer organic fruits with their own health benefits throughout the year.



Spacious courtyards with outdoor furniture ideal for relaxing in the sunshine or the shade and secluded corners for those who desire tranquility and privacy enrich the verdant landscape of  Bella Cisterna


An open air children’s playground, an giant outdoor chess board, billiard, ping-pong, a mini football and a variety of toys in nature await the young and the young at heart.



A long private walkway, shady in many parts, offers a circular promenade through the estate with lovely views and completes the charming setting.


The sun, colours, aromas, butterflies and birdsong adorn a landscape of rare beauty that will inspire you and will enrich your memories with beautiful scenery.

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