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A conscious escape for re-connection
culture, & exploration.

Retreat that inspires

 travellers who are in search of authenticity and beauty

     Surrounded by captivating character both inside and out, Bella Cisterna  seamlessly blends the breathtaking natural landscap with the distinctive architectural marvels of Kampos, offering a harmonious escape like no other. It serves as a sanctuary of opulence and serenity, ideal for those in search of seclusion, tranquility, and a mindful retreat for rejuvenation. It's perfect for hosting retreats like yoga, painting, writing as well as corporate workshops (team-building, stress management and self-development).

On-site you will be able to hire a bike to have the freedom to explore or go for a hike to be truly immersed in nature under the Greek Sun. There are plenty of outdoor spaces to relax and unwind with hammocks on site, sun beds, whether it's sunbathing, reading, or star-gazing, you will feel completely immersed. 

We welcome all kind of groups and are able to offer everything you need to organize a good retreat: the rooms, food, car rentals, hikes, guided visits, wine testing and more . We have vast experience in organizing everything here on the island. 



     Join us for a yoga retreat or classes on request. This will be an experience unlike any other because the island of Chios, is one of the most beautiful and untouched islands in Greece.

Immerse yourself in the sights, fragrances and sounds of traditional Kampos and let the country side rhythm rebalance you. You will reconnect with your body and mind.  

This retreat will make you rediscover your relation with life and offer you the time needed to rest.




lessons-workshop on request


cycling in Kampos
Bella Cisterna (February 2024-2026)_edit

Chios is an ideal destination for cycling, not only because of its size, but also because of the richness of the natural and cultural resources and the variety of itineraries it has to offer. 

The best way to explore the complex network of traditional Kampos with its narrow streets, high stone walls, majestic gates, orchards and mansions is undoubtedly by bike. Cycling in Kampos is an activity for all age groups as the area is flat with minimal car circulation. Every visitor is given the opportunity to admire the beauties of the area without haste and to wander in an environment rich in history and aromas from the flowers and fruits of the citrus trees at all times of the year.

Furthermore, Bella Cisterna's location is close to the picturesque village of Thymiana (1.5km), the sandy beach of Karfas (3km), the lively city centre and port (6km) as well as the vast area of Kampohora (many authentic villages), beaches Megas Limionas and Agia Fotia, offering many options. It's the ideal destination for those who wish to combine nature, history and cycling.





Inspired cultural adventures in Chios – a destination that speaks for itself with its rich history from the ancient times, and culture, idyllic medieval villages, iconic diverse landscapes, beaches with wild beauty, fabulous food so delicious in its simplicity, quality local wines-ouzo-beer, friendly locals … and the 'miraculus' masticha!

Chios, is a place of hidden treasures found around every corner and yet, it’s one of the most unexplored islands of the North Aegean. Blessed by nature and history, it is fragrant, authentic and irresistible.


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Bella Cisterna  can accomodate max. 46  persons if all shared rooms. There is plenty of outdoor space in the heart of nature both in the shade of trees and the sun, where you can enjoy a variety of activities as well as a spacious sheltered area. Mediterranean breakfast buffet is served with local and homemade products. Bicycles on site. 

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